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The Gray Witch Series


As the temperature rises, so does the body count.

Someone is using magic that hasn’t been seen in centuries to drain human and witches of their life force. After one encounter, shunned and exiled witch, Ari realizes that any witch is fair game against this power.

Unable to return to her former coven, she sends out a call to all black magic and white magic users to unite and fight. They must put aside old stereotypes and fight this ancient evil if any of them plan on making it through this Beltane alive.


People are dying all over the city or are they?

Houston, we have a zombie problem!

It's the Season of the Witch and Ari's feeling the heat. She's a gray witch striving to leave her dark and bloody past behind her, but a rogue detective is hellbent on finding out her secrets. The spirits are restless and dark magic is infecting innocent people all over town.

Can she save the city without destroying her soul in the process?


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