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Dark Leopards MC Series


Dark Leopards MC - Tall, Dark & Dangerous Anthology

Shifters from all walks of life join the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club. They like living a bit on the wild side, riding their bikes, and taking care of business. Eight chapters of the biggest, baddest cats spanning two states - Texas and Michigan - and the mates who love them.


But that love won't come without a cost because there's always a price to pay when you live on the wrong side of the law as a 1% MC... human trafficking, gun running, pelt thieves....can the Dark Leopards MC handle the threats to their very existences?


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Oz “Wizard” Zhang, Vice-President of the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club, knows only three truths in life:


Women are trouble.

Relationships are messy.

Mating is for fools.


Wanting no part of the Dark Leopards’ current mating insanity, Oz escapes their pheromone-flooded clubhouse. He jumps on his bike and leaves town, seeking solitude on the open road. But when a freak Texas snowstorm forces him to take refuge in a hole-in-the-wall shifter bar, everything he thought he knew about life gets turned upside down.


Ronnie Garrison is a jill-of-all-trades. This week she’s slinging drinks in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere, Texas. A life on the run is hardly living, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her little sister. By this time next week, they’ll be in a new city, with new names. She just has to finish her last shift and they’ll be on their way.


When Oz finds Ronnie in a back alley, her body is battered but her spirit’s not broken. During the storm, someone nearly killed her while snatching her sister, and now Ronnie’s determined to find the most important person in her life before it’s too late. Will Oz continue to live by his rules, and just walk away? Or will he help Ronnie, and find a new truth during the whiteout?

Available in Paperback and Ebook

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