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Silas Balakin doesn’t like people on the best of days and his inner tiger likes them even less. As the CEO of Two T Trees logging company, he has sent the only person he can trust as an undercover lumberjack to assess the struggling Ramsey Logging as a potential acquisition, but three months have gone by without a word from his best friend. Catching the first flight to Washington state, he will use every means possible to find the one person he calls family.


Infiltrating businesses, working undercover, being outdoors and getting paid for it. Mal Park lives for it. But he never expects this routine recon job to lead to her. Something about her calls to his inner beast. She’s put some kind of spell on him, and he can’t walk away from her. 


Monday Ramsey feels like her family’s business is under attack from all sides. 

Machinery sabotage.

Employees being lured to other companies. 


Now, some jerk from Texas wants to waltz in and take it from her. Not on her watch.


Monday and Silas clash from the moment they lay eyes on each other. The man is a thorn in her side, but there’s something about the sexy Texan that calls to her on a primal level, and she doesn’t like it one bit. Especially since his connection to her is stronger than that of her new love, Mal. She’s torn between the two men but refuses to let either of them impede her from her mission. All she needs is time to convince her father that she can run the company on her own. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep the family business.

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