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Death is my constant companion, but the living will be the death of me.        


Rozlyn has known she was different from the moment her mother snatched her from her bed and fled New Orleans, warning her she would die if she ever returned. But when her grandmother calls begging her to come home, Rozlyn speeds to the city she’s feared for more than ten years for the one person who understands her completely.


Visiting a packed bar in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras is Saint’s version of hell. He’s searching for his father in a town where a laundry list of people wants to kill him. One wrong move and he could find himself on the wrong end of a gator. But he’s not leaving until he gets some answers.


A mysterious gift from her grandmother sends Rozlyn on a mission to a bar in the Quarter but not just any bar. This place exudes an otherworldly energy she recognizes and is wary of. When a handsome stranger brushes against her, and gives her more than goosebumps as his past, and glimpses of his future flash before her eyes. A bond now tethers them and following him out the door will change her life forever.

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